What Kind Of Picture Frame Is Right For Me?

Ah another day at my design center. I am planning to do a project that has to do with picture frames. I am in a bit of a dellema right now. The reason for this is simply that I don't know what frame to choose. I could go with a traditional square frame. I could also go with a round picture frame, or go on the wild side and get a trangular frame

Now there are all valid arguments for each frame choice. I am also aware that there are even more picture frames to choose from such as octagons and hexigons, pretty much anything you can thing of has already been made. Anyhow lets get back to the arguments for each of the three frames I spoke about.
As for the square frame I found that you can get a great frame made custom for a good price. You can find a custom woodworking store in your area by checking in the yellow pages.

When it comes to round picture frames I found a great blog that goes over what the pros and cons of owning a round frame are and what pictures work best with these types of frames. You can find the article on clarityfurniture.com right now. They go in-depth over what photos look best with round picture frames along with what photos to avoid using with round frames. There are some interesting comments there as well from other users.

As for triangle frames I am yet to find any blogs going over the pluses and minuses in detail. Hopfully I will find a good one in the near future or you guys can recommend one to me. Remember the whole point of this post is to get your opinions before I get started on my next big creation project. I want to make sure I make the right choice when it comes to what picture frame to use before I begin to sink time and money into this project. You customizers out there must know what I am talking about.

Along with choosing the perfect frame I also need to choose what kind of frame to select. I am leaning toward using a frame that is made of wood preferably some kind of cedar. I just lvoe the look of real wood. So a frame that is wooden is probably the way to go for me. This choice will also go splendedly with the project I plan to start so this really is a no brainer. I would still very much like your opinions on this. I may like the choices or sugestions you give me. If you have examples as well that would be grand. Please always remember at Design By Jane your incites and ideas are always welcome and appriciated. Just last week Kathy B. gave me a wonderful recipe idea that I would have never known about had she not commented.

Okay guys I will leave it up to you. Please get back to me ASAP on which one is best square, triangle or round picture frames. I need to start the project at the end of march so get commenting. I can't wait to hear from you all!


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